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Information on Fiber Support

Fiber services have constant and consistent uptime, however if you are not able to get online you may need to reboot your fiber transceiver and/or router. To be walked through this process, please call or Make A Request from this site to our Technical Support staff.

Kinex Telecom is a member of Virginia Utility Protection Services and wants to be sure to protect your fiber connection from potential cuts. Remember to call Miss Utility of Virginia at 811 to have your utilities marked prior to any grounds maintenance at your location.

Please follow these links for detailed support
  • Your data is encrypted and is only accessible to you using your
    unique username and password.
  • Our Servers are backed by uninterruptible battery backups
    and a standby generator.
  • Backs up your files according to a configurable schedule and maintains
    not only a current copy, but also historical copies, with email results of backup completion.
  • Access your Remote Backups


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